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The Fastest Local Depositor

PT. Oval Kapital Internasional

Welcome to OKI 

The Fastest Local Depositor Ever in Asia

Oval kapital Internasional (OKI) is committed to providing the best service for all members, especially in Indonesia. OKI always strives to improve fast response in processing customer transactions and serving customer questions and complaints.

One Size Fits One 

Create a Strategy That Works For YOU

You can always choose us as the main deposit and withdrawal method for any transaction you want, we are ready to proccess any payment transfer you want.

Loyal Clients

We have many clients that use our service back and retained as loyal clients, be our next loyal client.



We always prioritize our client security, and always improve our service and system.

Work Hours 

We are online 24/5 in a week to response any of your payment request and support.

Process Time in a minute

As fastest as your chosen. We are providing fastest payment  process as fastest as we can like as fast as you choosing to use our service.

How We Work. Our Mission & Values

After we receive one of your payment request, deposit or withdrawal. We will proccess and check your request as soon as possible, after we have completely check your request, we will proccess and transfer your fund. All above proccess happened under 15 minutes.


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The fastest and secure local depositor.


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